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Pet-Friendly Carpet

For pet-friendliness, you're really looking for a style and material that's durable enough to stand up to accidents, odors, and significant wear without compromising comfort.

What Is Pet-Friendly Carpet?


Let's be honest: we'd do just about anything to make our pets comfortable and happy, even if they pilfer through the kitchen trash and drag messy remnants throughout the house or still can't seem to make it outdoors in time to do their business. Luckily for us, it's easier than ever to find a pet-friendly carpet that can weather whatever storms your sweet four-legged friends may bring its way.


In your hunt for the best pet-friendly carpet, you're really looking for a style and material that's durable enough to stand up to accidents, odors, and significant wear without compromising your own comfort. Keep your eyes out for solution-dyed fibers, which resist fading, as well as waterproof backing or pet-friendly carpet padding.




Have you resigned yourself to the fact that being pet-friendly is a higher priority for your carpet purchase than its aesthetic? Well, we're happy to report that you can have both beauty and resilience! The key is picking the right style and fiber for your lifestyle's unique needs, whether that includes a pack of dogs, a clowder of cats, a colony of see what we're getting at here. 


Pet-Friendly Carpet Styles


Walking into a carpet showroom may feel overwhelming when you get a look at the variety of styles available. Just keep in mind that some are more appropriate for your pet-filled home than others


Top Petproof Carpet Fibers


The driving force behind pet-friendly carpet is the fiber material it's made from. The most effective petproof carpet options are generally synthetic fibers, like the following:


How to Maintain Pet-Friendly Carpet


We hate to say it, but outfitting your home with petproof carpet doesn't mean you're off the hook for maintenance! Thankfully, pet-friendly carpet options are easier to clean—it's just a matter of doing it. Start with weekly vacuuming to remove pet hair, dander, and dirt tracked inside from your furry friends' outdoor escapades. Depending on the height of your carpet, you may need to adjust the vacuum but reference your manufacturer's instructions first. 


And while you're at it, identify what pet-friendly carpet cleaner or shampoo your manufacturer recommends. Having those cleaning solutions on hand will make it that much easier to handle the unexpected "gift" your critter leaves on the cat-friendly carpet overnight.


Lifespan and Installation


Now that you've taken the time to research your options and decide which pet-friendly carpet best meets your needs, how long can you expect it to last? Unfortunately, there's no hard and fast rule for calculating carpet life, but we can tell you what factors have the greatest impact.


To get the most from your new investment, you’ll want: 


Before you make your final decision, discuss the warranty protection options available with your local Flooring America expert, who can ensure you're getting exactly what you need. 


Pet-Friendly Carpet FAQs